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Spring Lifestyle Makeover: Easy as 1, 2 ,3!

April 20, 2016

spring lifestyle makeover

​​The flowers are blooming. The trees are sporting their brightest green hues. Springtime is a time of transformation, and there’s no better season to give yourself a little makeover, inside and out!


What can you do to shake up your same old routine and turn over a new one of those pretty green leaves? Read on for our four easy steps to a healthier, organized, more energized you.


  1. Reassess your goals


If you’re constantly complaining about time (or lack thereof), you’re due for a reassessment of your goals and priorities.


Did you stick with your New Year’s resolution? If so, great job! Maybe it’s time to set some new goals for the season ahead.


If not, it’s time to circle back and get it right. Think of what’s getting in the way of achieving your goals and address those items: are you missing accountability or support?


Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or maintenance, consider using a food and fitness tracking app, hiring a personal trainer or health coach, or setting up a challenge at work place or home.


Don’t forget about setting SM​A​RT goals, so they’re realistic and measurable.


  1. Get your routine straight


Once you’re clear on your goals, it’s all about building a routine to make them happen.


Set up a daily alarm to get you up for your new workout routine. Leave sticky notes on your bathroom mirror reminding you to pack lunch instead of buy it. Eliminate bad habits that are holding you back, like driving past your favorite takeout place on your way home from work. Whatever works for you, find it and do it.


When you think about your goals in terms of changes to your daily routine, you begin to build them into your everyday life. Like magic, changes start to take place!


  1. ​Clean up your act


​An organized space = an organized life! Clean up your closet and pantry for the new season.


In the kitchen, stock up on the best quality foods available: local and seasonal fruits and vegetables; dry goods like whole grains, sprouted seeds and nuts; organic or ​antibiotic​-​ and hormone-free​ meats, dairy and eggs​​.


Rotate your supplements if you’re taking any.


Get rid of the junk food that’s snuck into your pantry over the last few months (how did those candy bars get there?!) and keep healthy snacks handy so you don’t eat things you’ll regret later on. Some great healthy snacks include trails mix, green smoothies and veggies with hummus or guacamole. See our list of the top 10 healthiest snacks for more ideas.


  1. ​S​et? ​G​o! ​​


You’ve been talking the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk. In other words, take action! Get started on the new, improved you while you’re in this phase of feeling motivated.


Don’t wait for the “perfect moment” to get started; there’s no such thing. The only way to achieve change in your life is through intentional actions taken day after day. Start slowly and stick with it, and gradually you’ll build healthy habits that will lead to a healthier, better version of yourself.